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Upholstery Cleaning Ballsbridge services are supplied by Conways Cleaning.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Ballsbridge team are only a few minutes away. Upholstery cleaning costs are minimal when you consider the replacement cost of soft furnishings, so periodic cleaning makes economic sense. Much like  the carpets in your home or business your upholstery, sofas, couches and chairs get a hard time of it too, over time dirt and dust builds up on your fabrics making them look unsightly.

Cushion DirtyCushion Clean

Using the Prochem hot water extraction system we can deep clean your soft furnishings to prolong their  life while protecting your investment.

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If you want to risk it try the following, but be aware we can only guarantee quality when we do the job, as we need to see exactly what has happened, what material has been effected and plan the right course of action.

  • Clean up spills as quickly as possible with a white towel or kitchen roll, BLOT never RUB
  • Some Upholstery Cleaning Tips.
  • Cloth upholstery is one of the easiest types of furniture to clean. With daily use, stains and dirt can build up fast. A steam cleaner is the best tool for getting a deep cleaning of your furniture. These steps will help you complete the task .
  • Begin by vacuuming the entire piece to remove any loose dirt from the surfaces.
  • Remove any cushions that are not attached and set them off to the side.
    Use the attachments on your vacuum to get into the corners and crevices.
  • Next, vacuum each cushion that was removed on both sides.
  • Now you are ready to assemble the steam cleaner and fill with water and cleaner. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for this step. We recommend starting with a small amount of cleaner so it is easier to remove.
  • Start with the cushions that have been removed.
  • Use the soft cloth and spot cleaner to spray any stained areas. Gently rub with the soft cloth.
  • Next, using the upholstery attachment on the steam cleaner, spray the surface and promptly suction the water back out. Avoid spraying too much water or allowing the water to set for too long. It will soak further into the cushions and will be difficult to remove, requiring a longer drying time.
  • Work in small sections until the entire cushion has been cleaned.
    Prop it up against a wall or chair so that air can reach all sides until it has dried completely.
  • Repeat until all cushions have been spot cleaned for stains and cleaned overall with the steam cleaner.
  • After the cushions are complete, it’s time to work on the rest of the piece. Again, work in small sections.
  • Treat all spots and stains first followed by the steam cleaner.
    It is often unnecessary to go over the entire piece again with clean water to rinse, but it is an option if there is a lot of soap residue on the piece.
    Allow all sections to dry completely before reassembling and using the furniture.
  • Avoid mixing too much soap with the cleaning water initially. It is often easier to clean a spot a couple of times rather than rinse out excess soap from the entire piece of furniture.
  • Cleaning your furniture on a warm, sunny day is preferable. The warmth will help the sections to dry more quickly. Rainy days often have so much humidity in the air that it takes longer to dry.
  • Fans can be used to circulate the air and speed up the drying time.
    Deep cleaning furniture should be done at least twice a year and vacuumed in between to maintain the cleanliness. It may be helpful to clean it more often if you live in a dry, dusty environment and/or you have pets, etc. and the furniture gets soiled more quickly.

Generally we can give you an accurate price over the phone if not we can drop by to give you a hassle free quote. We also do carpet cleaning, gutter cleaning and window cleaning in Blackrock. We have a Upholstery cleaning team in  in Dublin.

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