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Carpet Cleaning Chapelizod services are supplied by Conway’s Cleaning

What sort of system do you use:

Conways cleaning use the “hot  water extraction” method of carpet cleaning sometimes referred as steam cleaning or wet cleaning.

Do you dry clean carpets:

We started off cleaning carpets in 1985 with the hot water extraction method and in the late 1990’s did invest in dry carpet cleaning equipment and used for a number of years but since reverted back to hot water  extraction simply because we believe it’s the best job.

How long does it take for my carpets to dry:

  • Most carpets are generally in 4-6 hours but this can depend how heavily they where soiled and also on the temperature  within the house or building.


How long will it take you:

  • Again this can vary depending on how much is actually been cleaned but generally a single room or stairs & landing takes about 1 hour.


Will all stains be removed:

  • I would love to say yes but unfortunately  this is not always the case it can depend how long the stain is there and what the stain is but in the vast majority of casesthey will be completely removed or fade out to some degree.
  • Some stains such as: food colouring, hot drinks, cosmetic preparations, plantfoods, hair dye and fake tan may cause permanent colour change to fibres.


Stain Removal Tips.

  • All stains and spills should be treated as quickly as possible to help prevent permanent staining.
  • The longer a spot or stain remains on a carpet or fabric the more difficult it will be to remove.
  • Remove any solid matter with a blunt knife or spatula.
  • Always blot a fresh spill or stain with a clean “white” ( not coloured ) absorbent towel or kitchen roll.
  • Always BLOT never RUB.

We also service Clane and surrounding areas of Kildare.

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